Now Everyday is "Take Your iPad to Work" Day

Extra USB Ports

Levisync adds more USB ports to your Mac. Increase your IO.

Amplify Your

iPad audio is amplified through your Mac's powerful speakers.

Charged & Ready

You'll have more of a fighting change to be charged when you need it.


Sync with the 30-pin connector or via Wi-Fi.

Effortless Install

Super simple install. No Screws. No clamps. Just gravity.

Power in Numbers

We know you're a power user, and most power users have more than a few usb devices to connect to their computer.  Position how you like.  Better than an iPad desk mount.  Better than HoverbarWell don't worry because LeviSync brings more usb connectivity to your Apple iMac for powered usb devices.  So whether  you have harddrives, iPhones, Android devices, printers, scanners, LED lamps or sweet lava lamps, hook 'em up! LeviSync is designed to sit at a height optimal for utilizing the hole on the iMac stand to assist in your cable management, because we all wait for the day when we don't need cables. Buy Until that day, LeviSync helps to hide and organize the ones you do have.


Amplify Audio

The LeviSync iPad mount helps you take advantage of your iMac speakers, or any other sound device with an audio jack, by pumping its audio to them.  Just connect an audio patch cable from LeviSync to another amplification device and now you've got some real volume.  Go ahead, amplify something from your iPad -- Movies, podcasts, home videos, Games and your favorite apps, or enjoy Buya favorite album while you sit back and relax or work


Keep iPad Charged

The iPad may have a marathon-running battery, but that battery needs to juice up sometime. Doesn't it feel like the battery always needs to charge when you want to head out the door with your iPad? LeviSync helps make sure that your iPad is ready to go when you are. By giving your iPad a designated resting place on this docking arm, any time you stop using it, you'll be more apt to set that iPad in its LeviSync cradle. And LeviSync takes the opportunity to top off that battery charge for you. LeviSync smoothes the charging process by eliminating your interaction with cables--just drop your iPad onto the cradle.

Sync iPad

Your iPad will have a higher chance of being synced as well, because now your iPad will have it's OWN place, up off your desktop, up off your nightstand, and not cluttering much needed work areas. It just so happens that this designated iPad nest also does syncing through your USB right to the iMac. Also, because of LeviSync's ability to charge up your iPad, it will make your automaticBuysyncs happen without interruption.


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